Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is this blogging about?

So, this is blogging.  A first post comes with some trepidation.  What now?

Let’s start with purpose, which is mainly pedagogical, but also topical, on matters literary and Victorian, but not strictly.

First, pedagogical.  I have grown increasingly weary of the results from my assignments in many literature courses, especially those I dearly love.  (Look at all of those prepositional phrases.  I recall with fondness a complaint from one of my dissertation readers.  I'll let the sentence stand for now.)

Critical analysis essays and short research papers have become. . . tedious?  Tiresome exercises? Traditional literature essays seem to have little value for engaging college students in literature and in helping them to fall in love reading.   I doubt they are functional, valuable exercises anymore, especially in general education courses.  What is the college professor to do?  I continue to search for assignments that will inspire students to read and discover the endless pleasures of reading, especially those challenging texts of the past.  Perhaps student blogging will be the answer.  More on this another day.

Second, this blog should be a space where I register and sort responses to my own reading, especially in the Victorian period.  I look forward to writing some posts in the near future on Griffith Gaunt and Aurora Floyd, two texts I’m enjoying a great deal right now.

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